In honor of the festival’s 31st anniversary, JazzReggae Fest is celebrating three decades of good vibes, jammin’ music, and cultural enrichment with a one-day festival under the Los Angeles sun. From the festival’s humble beginnings in 1986, it has continued to grow and develop while forging connections between UCLA and the broader Los Angeles community. In keeping with the successful model set last year, Jazz Reggae Fest is sticking to its roots, presenting headliners from the genres of jazz and reggae accompanied by a curated selection of talented student bands.

In addition to the early festival elements of jazz, reggae, and a grassy venue, we aim to preserve the sustainable initiatives, live art, and food and craft vendor elements that have enriched the festival in recent years. JRF strives to create a cohesive and welcoming space for students and the greater LA community by serving the underrepresented genres of jazz and reggae while allowing various communities to come together on campus to share their love for powerful, conscious, moving music. Each year, we aim to create a dynamic and welcoming space of self-expression, healing, and cultural exchange.


In commemoration of its 25th year, the JazzReggae Festival at UCLA releases a documentary that looks back through its history with festival footage and exclusive interviews with past producers. From its humble beginnings to its acclaimed present, the JazzReggae Festival has been entertaining Southern California since 1986 with performances by Erykah Badu, The Roots, and Damien Marley. From interviews with the festival’s founder Ron Richards to a fish-eyed view of the Roots performance in 2008, the documentary explores the JazzReggae Festival’s history, tradition, and importance as a cultural institution in Los Angeles.