At its core, the JazzReggae Festival is a celebration of culture. JazzReggae showcases the diversity of the Los Angeles community by hand-picking an array of unique local eateries and craft vendors. We see it as our duty to provide you with only the best and most diversified choices in cuisine! 

Once your tastebuds have been dazzled, head on over to our craft booths where you'll find clothing, accessories, original artwork, and handmade products amongst a variety of eclectic works! We at JazzReggae have searched long and hard to deliver only the most distinct, hidden gems to you and we are absolutely delighted to share and experience them with you. 


Energy Smoothie Bar serves ice cold all natural smoothies and juices that will quench your thirst during the festival!

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Our Place BBQ and Soul Food: Grab some delicious BBQ, mac and cheese, collard greens, and more at Our Place BBQ and Soul Food! They will be bringing their large grill to make some delicious BBQ that is perfect for Memorial Day!

Unforgettable Lemonade offers our festival goers some refreshing lemonade and iced tea! Different variations of their iced tea and lemonade will surely have some people thirsty on the day of the festival!

Saraba Garifuna Cuisine serves delicious Belizean food that both meat-lovers and vegetarians/ vegans will love! Stop by at their booth to get some delicious Caribbean/Belizean food that you will not stop raving about after!

Shabazz Good Foods will be serving a delicious platter that includes fried fish, chicken, and shrimp with delicious sides that customers can choose over! Additionally, Shabazz is bringing over some delicious pie! If you want some seafood and sweets, come by to their booth!